James Patterson Makes Great On $1M Promise On Indies

James Patterson, together with a cadre of co-writers, consistently produces more than 10 books a year. Forbes estimates that Patterson made $90 million this year alone.

Greater than 10 months in the afternoon James Patterson declared a million-dollar guarantee, he’s kept his word.

When he declared that strategy from February, he talked with NPR’s Renee Montagne regarding his motives.

“We are at a juncture right now where bookstores, as we’ve understood them, are in danger,” he explained. “Libraries, as we have known them, are in danger, publishers are in danger, ” American literature is in danger, as we have known it, and getting children reading is in danger.”

The current present marked the next stage of his effort, and it attracts the amount of his contributions several million past his objective. To date this season, Patterson has given $1,008,300 into 178 bookstores across the U.S, with no strings attached. Publishers Weekly supplies a listing of that the indies contained in the next round, and the School Library Journal details the number of these plans to utilize the capital.

Patterson himself struck a far more optimistic note in a statement to the media than in his first meeting with NPR.

“Here is to parents and grandparents coming back to their senses and giving their children novels –yes, novels — for both Christmas and other holidays,” he explained. “Here is to local authorities waking up to how bookstores and libraries are crucial to our lifestyle. This is to media coverage of publications, booksellers, and publishers, and also to some more joyful, more educated America.

The beloved children’s book writer has established a June 2 launch date to the publication, In the Unlikely Event. People magazine provides a couple of preliminary notes about the storyline: It will be placed in Blume’s native New Jersey of the 1950s, hewing closely into real-life plane crashes in the region at the moment.

GalleyCat reports that during September, overall net revenue is up by 4.9 percent compared to the identical period this past year.

Teens Prefer Printing: so long as we are on the subject of numbers, here is another interesting one: At current research by Nielsen, roughly 20% of adolescents aged 13 to 17 reported they’d purchase e-books — a few that lags considerably from the other age classes at the survey.

The Nielsen blog provides the gloss: “While younger subscribers are available to e-books as a format, teenagers continue to express a preference for printing that might appear to be at odds with their perceived electronic know-how.”

Merriam-Webster Gets Cultured: When choosing its word of the year, Merriam-Webster dispensed with all the hot-blooded novices and proceeded with a classic rather: “culture” The dictionary chosen the term for its sharp growth in use — studies have climbed 15 percent over this past year, by The Associated Press — which increase could have something to do with its absolute versatility (or its ambiguity).

Peter Sokolowski, editor-at-large for its dictionary, told the AP that the phrase is similar to a”chameleon,” explaining, “When you place it alongside another term it means something quite different.”

Regardless of its significance could be, “civilization” has firm. Oxford Dictionaries has chosen”vape” to its term of this year; Collins English Dictionary chose “photobomb”; Chambers Dictionary obtained”overshare” and Dictionary.com went with”vulnerability” These, people, are the words of the year.