Jimbo Fisher States’something Is wrong’ if SEC-tested Texas A&M Aggies do Not land berth in CFP

The Aggies, who entered the weekend ranked No. 5 at the College Football Playoff ranks, deserve to be contained due to how well it suffered that the grind of an SEC-only program, Fisher explained.

“Seven directly SEC wins,” Fisher said following the match. “Some colleges ai not even playing seven matches.

“I don’t care what type you are in. If you are gonna select the top four groups, we are among these.”

In the background of this CFP, no one-loss SEC group has neglected to make the playoff.

“You are going hear me say it today. We must be inside. The committee, that is their thing, however, I believe that firmly. I have watched the matches — I have seen everyone. We could play with anyone.”

Added Fisher: “Eight wins at the SEC, I wan na na see someone else do it”

The most likely situation for the Aggies to turn it in the playoff is if No. 3 Clemson or even No. 4 Ohio State dropped, but Ohio State finished its 6-0 regular season with a Big Ten championship match win over Northwestern on Saturday.

Following his team suffered nine SEC matches, Fisher emphasized how many games his group played three over Ohio State — ought to matter.

“That’s a significant part of it,” Fisher stated. “We are out there a month more — than the bangs, the lumps, the clinics — all of that stuff matters… The governmental end of the thing, wanting to get men out there — they all would like to push their particular schools for up there — is absurd. Place the top teams on the market.”

Fisher trained a BCS national winner at Florida State in 2013 and also an FSU team that produced the initial College Football Playoff in 2014. Wondering if that A&M group is championship-caliber,” Fisher stated.

“It’s the personality, it’s the capacity,” Fisher stated. “I don’t know if we will win you, but it’s the features to acquire one and ought to have the chance to win you.”

Inside his sideline interview immediately after the triumph, Fisher informed ESPN reporter Quint Kessenich that when the Aggies get left out,” something is wrong.”

“We played with the best league,” Fisher stated. Folks ai not even playing him today.

Another league, I adore’em all. However, if we can not play in this league and be in the playoff, then something is wrong.”