Joe Biden Requires no Queries on his new coronavirus Coverage

Joe Biden once more took no questions by the media Tuesday because he gathered a strategy to expand services to the children and elderly throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thanks for listening and I look forward to getting your queries at the following time — but I am off to another occasion,” Biden said after talking for approximately 23 minutes in a college in Delaware.

The former vice president, 77, a month shot questions in a rare press conference, calling a reporter a”hanging puppy confront” if he had been presented with a query regarding whether he is suffering a cognitive reduction.

Biden said Tuesday as president he would guarantee 3- and 4-year-old children get free preschool, and might cap the part of earnings most men and women spend on child care at 7%.

Biden said he’d deploy an additional 150,000 community healthcare workers to encourage elderly men and women.

“How we cover it’s by rolling unproductive tax cuts, a few of those $2 trillion tax cut the president set through,” Biden said.

“Donald Trump neglects the most significant evaluation to be the president the obligation to look after you, for many people,” Biden said.