Johnny Depp loses UK libel case over’wife-beater’ Asserts

LONDON — Johnny Depp dropped his high-stakes libel case Monday from The Sun tabloid newspaper for tagging him a”wife-beater,” as a British judge stated he thought the actor had mistreated ex-wife Amber Heard to this extent that she feared for her life.

Depp’s attorneys said it would be”absurd” when the actor did not appeal the decision.

Within just three months, Nicol heard lurid — and irreconcilable — balances out of Depp and Heard where each accused the other of misuse.

“I have discovered that the fantastic bulk of alleged assaults of all Ms. Heard from Mr. Depp have been demonstrated to the civil standard,” Nicol wrote in his judgment.

In arguably the largest British libel trials of this 21st century, Depp sued News Group Newspapers, publisher of The Sun, as well as its executive editor, Dan Wootton, within an April 2018 post that accused him of attacking fellow celebrity Heard.

The judgment deals a large setback to Depp’s reputation which will imperil his career, which has seen the celebrity take the lead in a few of the very popular family films lately, from”Edward Scissorhands” to many lucratively that”Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. This reputational cost clearly will come with an indeterminate financial price in addition to the many millions of pounds in legal costs he will probably be asked to cover following Monday’s judgment.

An attorney for Depp, 57, described the choice as”perverse because it’s bewildering.”

“The ruling is so faulty that it’d be absurd for Mr. Depp to not appeal that decision,” Jenny Afia stated in a statement.

Historically, Britain’s libel laws are viewed as favoring public statistics and for being demanding on media outlets and publishers, therefore Depp’s defeat could prompt anybody contemplating legal action to believe again.

Heard, 34, said that the abuse was mostly fueled by Depp’s heavy alcohol and drug usage which he could become”a one-third party,” he called”The Monster.”

“I take her evidence regarding the character of the assaults he committed to her,” the judge wrote about the incident in Australia. “They should have been frightful.”

In court, Depp accused Heard of creating up until her allegations, while admitting wide-ranging medication issues. But he insisted that he is”not a violent individual, particularly with girls,” a characterization which has been backed up in statements from former spouses Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis.

The judge found that 12 of the 14 cases of domestic violence had happened and stated that was adequate to rule contrary to Depp.

Also, he accepted Heard’s proof the allegations against one of the world’s most well-known celebrities had”a negative impact” on her job as a performer and activist.

Depp argued the allegations caused”serious injury” to his standing and”significant distress and humiliation.” His attorneys said the situation was all about clearing his standing and nothing more to do with any possible financial award — at the U.K., there is a notional ceiling of about 300,000 pounds ($400,000) on libel awards, even little compared to that potential from the U.S.

The article talks about her experience being mistreated but doesn’t name Depp. The trial is supposed to be held next year.

“Very soon, we’ll be introducing even more rigorous evidence in the U.S.,” explained Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer in the U.S.

Afia, who symbolizes Depp, stated”we expect that in comparison to this scenario, the continuing libel event in the USA is fair, together with both parties providing complete disclosure instead of 1 side-by-side cherry-picking what evidence can and can’t be depended upon.”

1 legal expert thinks Depp will currently find it harder from the U.S. court.

“The consequences in this situation are that if you eliminate the case in London, it is nearly a racing certainty that you are not likely to win in the USA,” said Mark Stephens, a media attorney at Howard Kennedy.

Depp and Heard met on the collection of 2011 humor”The Rum Diary” and wed in Los Angeles in 2015. They split the next year and divorced in 2017.

Heard stated she’d spoken out.

She asked.

Lisa King, manager of communications and external relations in the charity Refuge, which offers support for sufferers of domestic violence, expressed hope that the judgment sends”a very strong message” which every survivor of domestic abuse” must be listened to and ought to be noticed.”

The Sun’s Wootton stated he expected Depp has”the aid he so clearly desires” and thanked Heard for her bravery.

“This landmark court success would be for you Amber Heard, also it’s for each of the other victims of domestic abuse that I expect feel much more comfortable and much more secure with our court procedures and together with our media now,” he explained.

Stephens, the press attorney, called the decision”absolutely devastating” to get Depp.

“Johnny Depp is just likely to have the ability to rehabilitate himself whether he takes this decision,” he added.