Judge Lets El Salvador ex-defense minister Home arrest

Prosecutors accuse retired Gen. David Munguía Payes of the equal of criminal conspiracy, random acts, and failure to follow his responsibilities for the group truce that targeted to decrease the nation’s skies high murder rate under President Mauricio Funes. Funes who fled to Nicaragua and obtained asylum there faces the very same charges.

Prosecutor Álvaro Rodríguez explained the decision on home arrest has been based on worries about Munguía’s hypertension. Munguía is prohibited from leaving the state needs to stay at home and can’t get in contact with anybody else involved with the situation.

The Funes government reportedly made a pact with the Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 gangs to radically lower the nation’s murder rate. In exchange, the gangs’ imprisoned leaders had been transferred out of maximum security to medium-security prisons in which they could keep on handling the gangs’ operations.

Funes has denied any participation in the group pact.

When Munguía was formerly called to testify in another case regarding the pact, he stated it had been public coverage created in Funes’ safety Cabinet.

“My function was to ease the work of mediators and get reports by the mediators and members of the (Organization of American States) and maintain the president of Republic informed of improvements in the procedure,” Munguía explained.

However, the pact dissolved in September 2013 later El Salvador’s Supreme Court eliminated Munguía from his place and fresh governments withdrew the rights that imprisoned gang leaders obtained. Homicides then climbed again.