‘Jurassic World’ shoot suspended Following COVID-19 positives

Filming on the new”Jurassic World” film at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. was suspended for 2 weeks due to COVID-19 instances on the place.

He added that the people tested negative shortly afterward, but they would be tripping for fourteen days no matter stick to security protocols.

A spokesperson for Universal Pictures said they had been advised of the positive evaluations last night and all tested negative this morning.

“People who originally tested positive are now self-isolating, as are people who they’ve come into contact with.”

On Tuesday, Universal stated that the launch of”Jurassic Earth: Dominion” has been postponed annually to June 2022.

The franchise starring Chris Pratt was among the earliest major Hollywood productions to restart following pandemic-related shutdowns. In the New York Times in August wrote concerning the Improved security protocols on the group and a Couple of crewmember instances in Britain and at Malta over the summertime.

It is the 2nd important shoot to be influenced by COVID-19. Last month the U.K. shoot ” The Batman,” a Warner Bros. movie, also stopped production due to a favorable case.