Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg enduring chemotherapy to the recurrence of cancer

Her hospitalization before this week for chills and fever stemmed from a method to remove gall stones also wasn’t associated with cancer,” she explained.

“Immunotherapy initially essayed proved ineffective. The chemotherapy program, however, is generating positive outcomes. Satisfied that my therapy class is now apparent, I’m providing this advice,” Ginsburg said.
“My latest study on July 7 signaled a significant decrease in these liver lesions without a fresh disease. I’m tolerating chemotherapy nicely and encouraged by the success of my present therapy,” she continued.

“I shall continue bi-weekly chemotherapy to maintain my cancer, and therefore are in a position to keep an active daily regimen. Throughout, I’ve kept up with view writing and other Court work”

She started the treatment hasn’t limited her ability to perform her job, and that she intended to keep on serving.

“I said I’d continue being a part of this Court so long as I could do the job complete steam. I remain fully competent to do this,” she reasoned.

Ginsburg, 87, endured a bout of colon cancer in 1999 and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several years afterward.