Karsten Thielker, Pulitzer-winning AP photographer, dies

His photograph of an overcrowded camp of Rwandan refugees in 1994 at Tanzania was one of those chosen for the prizewinning bundle.

“Throughout the war in Bosnia, he left a photo job about a maternity ward at besieged Sarajevo — I think it says a good deal about his love for humankind,” Ressel said, reflecting upon the years that her husband spent overseas covering individuals alive, dying and tripping in armed conflicts.

Past his photographs, Thielker additionally coached photojournalists from Eastern Europe, Central America, and Asia.

“So many possibilities, and certainly exceptional photographs, will no more seem at Taz, the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, Zeit, along with other books — that will leave a massive void,” composed Berlin photojournalist Stefan Boness from the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung of his buddy Thielker’s departure.

“Even larger, however, is that the debilitating loss of a favorable, profoundly sympathetic and supportive colleague and friend.”

Following his years with the AP, which also contained working on the picture desk at London, Thielker finally returned to his home base of Berlin where he concentrated on street photography.

“Karsten was a great and extremely gifted photographer — his Pulitzer-winning job in Rwanda and extended stints at the Balkans show this beyond doubt,” explained Tony Hicks, AP’s Deputy Director of Photography, International.

“He was also a beautiful man who left a lot of friends during his career and a person I’m pleased to say I had the joy of working closely with if he arrived to perform on the London photo desk. “

Some of the latest work included photographs of existence at the German capital throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, he founded the picture website Berlin Daily and occasionally worked with his spouse.

“Our enthusiasm for Berlin city life joined us function as a city guide in Berlin,” Ressel stated. “This way we can occasionally combine our job “

Thielker is survived by 2 children, ages 16 and 18, along with also a 16-year-old stepdaughter.