Kelly’s lawyers want to question gang member in Mobile Assault

CHICAGO — Attorneys for R. Kelly wish to query a convicted member of the Latin Kings team that states that he beat up the condemned R&B singer at a Chicago mobile.

Farmer stated in a court filing earlier this week at Hammond, Indiana, he assaulted Kelly on Aug. 26 at the Metropolitan Correctional Center since he wished to shed light on wrongdoing from the authorities in his criminal case.

Farmer managed to slide away from a worker in the middle, enter a cell, and hit Kelly from the mind, according to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons report attached to Farmer’s filing.

A safety officer used pepper spray to block the attack.

Kelly, 53, faces a few dozen counts of state and national sexual misconduct charges in Illinois, Minnesota, and New York, from sexual assault to heading into a racketeering scheme geared toward providing him with women. The Grammy Award-winning singer has denied abusing anybody.

Farmer, 39, is confronting mandatory life in prison at a racketeering conspiracy which included a 1999 double murder, even according to the newspaper.

“It seems that MCC employees simply followed Mr. Farmer, let him execute the assault, and then just intervened after Mr. Kelly had sustained severe injuries,” Kelly’s lawyer Michael Leonard wrote in the movement.

Kelly’s lawyers were trying to get him released on bail pending his trial.