Kenyan officials Exploring death in police custody

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenyan police are investigating the death of a guy who had been arrested for allegedly not wearing a facemask and has been spotted in police custody severely beaten. Afterward, his body was discovered floating in a river.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority Researchers have obtained witness statements from the Lugari region of western Kenya in regards to the arrest, disappearance, and death a week back of Dennis Lusava, 21, the team’s chairwoman Ann Makori told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

His body was discovered a week drifting in the Nzoia River, according to officers by a rights group that’s also exploring death.

This was the third authority foundation that’s been burnt in Kenya because of March by furious folks protesting alleged abuses by authorities enforcing COVID-19 regulations like the compulsory wearing of facemasks.

Lusaka’s mother Agnes Ambale stated in a telephone interview that she moved into the police station after her son was detained on Wednesday a week.

“Once I got there that they started a space and my son was there crushed in to a bloody pulp and also in his panties into a window,” Ambale explained. She stated the police beat him with a baton before her.

“I couldn’t endure the sight and that I left,” she explained. Later that afternoon she introduced clothes for her son when he couldn’t set them to the officers beat him up a while, she explained. She left anguish, stating the sight of her son in such circumstances was too painful for her. After she came back this day the police told me that her son was published.

The Independent Medico-Legal Unit, a non-governmental firm that provides medical care and legal aid for victims of police abuses, stated their investigations confirm the accounts of Lusava’s mother.

In the previous seven weeks from Kenya, 15 individuals, including a 13-year-old boy, were murdered by authorities Implementing an anti-COVID-19 curfew, according to the police supervision group. Human rights activists in the community-based Social Justice Centers place the figure in 24.

The Medico-Legal Unit states 980 individuals are murdered by authorities in Kenya because 2013, and 90 percent of these were execution-style slayings.