Kenzie Ziegler Can Discover TikTok Dances at a Matter of Seconds and It Is Mind-Blowing

Of course, she has some benefits because you understand, professional dancer and all. However, the woman can proceed! So, duh, we needed to include the TikTok Challenge Challenge to find out whether she is as good under stress.

News flash: Kenzie is the real bargain’ all. We gave her four dances out of ze Tok she needed to memorize in only 60 minutes. And I couldn’t think how on stage her dancing memory was.

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The very first one we gave was low-key pro flat, but she pretty much had the fundamental motions of down it. It was remarkable. Next dance was likewise a Lil tough but after she completed it, she had been doing so well she ended up forgetting the remainder of the choreo. Hey, it seems!

In terms of the third dance, she completely nailed it. (Yes, she’d known the dance ahead and also posted a vid of her performing it on her TikTok accounts but whatevs!!) Kenzie took a small downfall though for the previous round, but you are still a celebrity, Kenz!!

Go ahead and test the TikTok dancing she came up with for her latest song Exhale featuring Sia–streaming anyplace at this time!