Knife-wielding Guy accused of beheading Instructor is Taken by Authorities in Paris suburb

Police at a Paris suburb shot to death that a man seen carrying a knife which police believe could have been used to kill the other guy discovered nearby.

The shooting of the defendant, 18, happened approximately 5 pm local time on Friday from the town of Eragny from the Val d’Oise.

The sufferer was beheaded, police said. He was a man teacher in a regional middle school who had received threats after mentioning the contentious Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed through a semester, according to authorities.

Talking Friday night in the middle school, French President Emmanuel Macron stated the educator was the casualty of a”blatant Islamist terrorist assault “

“Among the fellow citizens… was murdered now for teaching, for educating pupils freedom of speech, freedom to think and not to think,” he explained. “it’s no coincidence that this day it’s a teacher this terrorist murdered because he wished to bring down the Republic at its worth.”

Macron guaranteed a speedy response from the authorities.

“They won’t divide us,” he explained. “That is what they’re searching for and we have to all stand together, taxpayers”

Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer responded to the episode on Twitter.

“I believe tonight, of his loved ones. Our unity and stability are the only responses to this monstrosity of Islamist terrorism. We’ll stand up”

Eragny Mayor Thibault Humbert also reacted, in a meeting on local TV BFMTV.

“It is an essential emotion for us, for the people of the city,” he explained. “I need to get a notion for the family of the professor who had been brutally murdered.”

The trial because of the assault is now underway.

France’s counterterror police started an investigation following a traumatic assault in the front of the former offices of Charlie Hebdo a month left two injured.

Charlie Hebdo expressed”terror and revolt” on the passing of the instructor in a statement published on Twitter: “We express our deepest assistance to his loved ones, loved ones, and teach the teachers. This filthy act grieves our democracy however has to make us more combative than to defend our Freedom”