Lebanon begins two-week lockdown to Restrict spread of virus

BEIRUT — Lebanese authorities on Saturday patrolled the roads of their capital Beirut, ordering stores to shut as the nation started a two-week lockdown to restrict the spread of this coronavirus which has killed dozens of people within the previous days from the tiny Mediterranean country.

The number of cases increased sharply lately approximately Lebanon straining the nation’s health industry at which intensive care units are nearly complete.

Within the last year, the local money drop 80 percent of its worth, and tens of thousands lost their jobs at a population of some 5 million that’s among the maximum debt ratios on the planet.

A night curfew was extended throughout the lockdown lasting from sunset to sunrise whilst driving will be entirely banned around the nation on Sundays.

At Beirut’s commercial Hamra road, most stores were closed except for those permitted to stay open such as markets, pharmacies, and bakeries. Other companies that violated the closed were ordered to shut by police patrols.

Also on the roads were police checkpoints that fined automobiles which violated the odd or even number plates automobile bans.

“A little distress can now save sorrow later,” Abiad explained.

The most recent lockdown is the next in Lebanon after it enforced closures and limitations on public parties during the first days of this virus.

Lebanon has enrolled 102,607 instances and 796 deaths because the initial case was reported in late February. On Friday, Lebanon documented 21 deaths within 24 hours, which makes it among the greatest daily death tolls for all the nation.

The virus instance numbers started rising rapidly after having a gigantic Aug. 4 burst at Beirut’s port which killed and injured many and caused damage worth billions of dollars throughout the city. The situation worsened within the upcoming weeks as several individuals didn’t stick by social wear or tear masks.

The World Health Organization states 1,560 Lebanese wellness employees have tested positive since February.