Lena Dunham says her Entire Body’revolted’ Beneath COVID-19

LOS ANGELES — Lena Dunham maintains her entire body” revolted” at a painful month-long fight with COVID-19.

The 34-year-old creator and star of”Ladies” gave a thorough account Friday about Instagram of what she said she experienced after testing positive for its coronavirus at mid-March, in the same way, much of this country had been shutting down due to the pandemic.

Suddenly my entire body just revolted.”

She moved to isolation and felt acute symptoms for three months, ” she explained.

Dunham stated she had been treated by a physician in her house and she did not need to be hospitalized, also stated she knows she’s lucky to have outstanding healthcare and elastic work.

She tested negative after a month and managed to observe people in her inner circle, but said she’s having lingering problems.

Dunham is a native New Yorker but didn’t state where she had been when she contracted the illness and went to isolation. She had been the lead author and star of the HBO series”Women” from 2012 to 2017 and is operating on a movie adaptation of this young adult book, “Catherine, Called Birdy.”

Dunham said she had been loath to tell her story, but felt forced to after viewing the carelessness with which many are handling social distancing and mask-wearing.

“When you choose the right steps to safeguard yourself along with your neighbors,” she writes, “you conserve them a huge pain”

For many people, the new coronavirus causes moderate or mild symptoms, like cough and fever which clean up in two to three weeks. For many — particularly elderly adults and individuals with existing health issues — it may lead to more severe illness, such as pneumonia, and death.