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London police officer convicted regarding neo-Nazi group membership

London police officer convicted regarding neo-Nazi group membership

Hannam was convicted of lying on his program along with vetting types to join London’s Metropolitan Police, also of owning terror-related files detailing knife battle as well as the utilization of explosive devices.

Judge Anthony Leonard raised a reporting ban on the situation following Hannam admitted possessing an indecent image of a child, which was to have become the topic of another trial.

Hannam was allowed bail before his probation on April 23 but had been warned by the judge he faced jail.

London police officer convicted regarding neo-Nazi group membership

Hannam was employed as a probationary officer for the Met for almost two years until he was discovered on a leaked record of consumers of the intense right-wing forum March.

Hannam’s affiliation with National Action finished before he started working for the Met, however, he continued to fulfil high-profile individuals related to the team in early 2017.

Counterterrorism officials stated they acted”quickly” after they’d become conscious of Hannam’s past.

Commander Richard Smith, head of the Met’s counterterrorism unit, stated it was a”special” situation and that there weren’t any signs Hannam abused his place” to further his extremist views”

The ideology of National Action was described in court according to”Aryan innocence” along with a specific hatred of non-white classes, especially Jews.

“He’d not have managed to combine had known then of his fascination at the extreme right-wing and his prior membership of National Action,” Smith stated.

Police discovered neo-Nazi posters if they raided Hannam’s house annually, in addition to notes detailing his membership of their group and relevant badges and business cards.

In his defence, Hannam denied he’d ever been a part of this band before or after it had been prohibited, also stated he was”desperate to impress” an elderly member in the organization, who’d given him free decals and badges.

He advised the court he was drawn to fascism aged 16 due to its daring artwork, also contacted National Action after viewing its propaganda online.

“I had been under the impression that this was some type of youth community,” he explained.

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