Look for migrant Vessel as Strong storm lashes Greece

ATHENS, Greece — Greek governments started a big search and rescue performance Friday after a distress call from a boat carrying dozens of migrants, which has been captured in a strong storm which lashed western Greece using hurricane-force winds and heavy rain, resulting in power outages and flooding.

Coast guard officials said at least three merchant ships touched the region in which the boat, thought to be carrying over 50 individuals, was reported off the southwest Peloponnese area but hadn’t seen any trace of it by late day.

Coast guard vessels and rescue helicopters were not able to combine the performance as a result of high winds out of the highly effective tropical-style storm called Ianos.

No accidents were reported.

The storm, with winds exceeding 110 km per hour (70 mph ), attained the western mainland Friday. Computer versions indicated that the storm wouldn’t directly influence Athens but heavy rain was expected from the Greek capital in late Friday.

Faculties and shops were shut, and ferry services have been suspended in several regions in western Greece as police advised residents to stay inside. “We’re anticipating the storm to advance with the same intensity for both to eight hours western Greece and then, diminished, see it go southward,” Civil Defense chief Nikos Hardalias explained. “But places which aren’t directly influenced… will observe a massive volume of water with heavy rain”