Macron Matches Belarus opposition leader, pushes mediation

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron is compelling for European mediation at the Belarus political catastrophe after meeting Tuesday with all the ex-Soviet republic’s opposition leader.

During a trip to Lithuania, Macron fulfilled with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the primary competitor of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. Opposition figures and a few poll workers say the results were deceptive.

His administration has fulfilled the uproar having a violent crackdown on protesters and targeting the demonstration organizers.

“We had an excellent discussion. We will need to be pragmatic and to encourage Belarus individuals and we’ll do everything,” Macron informed reporters.

Macron had commended Tsikhanouskaya’s courage in a press conference in Vilnius on Monday.

“We don’t understand the election of Lukashenko so we do not recognize his position as president,” he explained.

Tsikhanouskaya told me that Macron” promised us to do everything to aid with discussions, for this particular political crisis in our nation.”

The French leader said that”a lot of men and women are in jails and he’ll do everything simply to help to release all of the political prisoners,” she added.

Macron estimated that sanctions against Belarus officials will probably be embraced at the summit of the European Union after this week, based on Tsikhanouskaya’s adviser, Frank Vyachorko.

The European Union said last week it doesn’t recognize Lukashenko as president of Belarus due to large scale protests from Belarusians who wonder the consequences of last month’s presidential election.

Lukashenko has defied calls for him to resign and several notable members of a council made with the intent of organizing a transfer of electricity have been detained or have fled the country. The protests have dropped regardless of the everyday detentions of all demonstrators.

Jari Tanner at Helsinki and Daria Litvinova at Moscow contributed to this narrative.