Mahathir says Opinions on French Strikes taken from context

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad said Friday he’s disgusted because his remarks on attacks from Muslim extremists in France was removed from context.

Twitter introduced a tweet out of Mahathir comprising the comment, which it stated glorified violence, along with France’s digital ministry required the provider also prohibit Mahathir from its platform.

“I’m disgusted with efforts to misrepresent and take out of context what I wrote on my website,” Mahathir said in a statement.

He said critics neglected to read his post in full, particularly another sentence that read: “But by and large Muslims haven’t implemented the’eye for an eye’ law. Muslims do not. The French should not. Rather the French need to instruct their people to honor other people’s feelings”

He explained Twitter and Facebook eliminated the posting regardless of his excuse, and slammed the movement as hypocritical.

“On the 1 hand they defended those who opted to display offending caricatures of Prophet Muhammad‚Ķ and anticipate most of Muslims to consume it in the name of freedom of expression and speech,” he explained.

“On the flip, they deleted intentionally that Muslims hadn’t sought revenge for the injustice against them previously‚Ķ what’s encouraged by that response to my post would be to stir French hatred for Muslims,” he added.

The remarks from Mahathir, a yearlong prime minister, have been in response to calls from Muslim countries to boycott French goods after French boss Emmanuel Macron described Islam as a faith” in an emergency” and pledged to crack down on radicalism after the murder of a French instructor who revealed his course that a cartoon depicting Prophet Muhammad.

His remarks came as a Tunisian man murdered three people in a church in Nice, France.

Australian High Commissioner in Malaysia Andrew Goledzinowski composed that though Mahathir was not advocating real violence,” from the present climate, words could have consequences.”

Mahathir’s next stint as prime minister lasted from 2018 until he stopped in February 2020. He’s been seen as an advocate of Islamic views and also a spokesman for the interests of developing nations. But at precisely the same time, he pointedly criticized Western culture and states and their relations into the Muslim world.