Mali opposition opposes junta Suggestion on transition Interval

BAMAKO, Mali — Divisions deepened between Mali’s army coup leaders and the nation’s political resistance movement on Sunday following the junta announced a plan which would enable a military leader to oversee an 18-month transitional period.

While both sides were united in desiring the passing of former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, their courses have diverged because he had been deposed in an Aug. 18 coup following months of street demonstrations by the resistance.

“The last record read in the final ceremony wasn’t consistent with all the deliberations of the numerous classes, including the vast majority selection of a transition headed by a civilian,” that the M5-RFP announcement said.

The junta suggested that the transition has been directed by a military or civilian boss, that leaves open the chance that the army officers who captured power could stay at the helm for the following 18 months before election, therefore, are arranged.

The 15-nation West African regional bloc called ECOWAS has cautioned that by Tuesday that the junta has to designate a civilian boss to head a yearlong transition interval or the nation could face additional sanctions. ECOWAS has stopped financial transfers to the nation and has shut its borders with Mali.

Junta leader Col. Assimi Gotta said that he expected for the help of the global community following the military leaders agreed to decrease the transition period to 18 months after originally suggesting three decades.