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Mandy Moore Shares New Photo about Baby Gus because She Struggles With Post-Pregnancy Ailment

Mandy Moore Shares New Photo about Baby Gus because She Struggles With Post-Pregnancy Ailment

Mandy Moore is basking in motherhood bliss whilst also addressing a lingering health problem in her pregnancy. Weeks before inviting the infant, Mandy revealed that she had been diagnosed with reduced platelets, making it hard for blood to clot normally. The disease is a frequent pregnancy complication but may also be a standalone immune disease. On Friday, March 26, the celebrity gave fans a wellness upgrade and revealed she expects to have another kid.

“Platelets are moving up but still not amazing. I am on a mission to do anything I could for them to some good place, therefore I do not need to worry or wonder during another pregnancy. Have to wait for a couple more weeks to completely confirm that it is, in reality, ITP [immune thrombocytopenia] and was not gestational thrombocytopenia.”

Mandy then inquired, “Friends with reduced platelets: what’s worked? .and ate each of the peas and black leafy greens, etc..”

The next day, Saturday, March 27, Mandy shared her Instagram webpage a sweet fresh photograph of Taylor holding a grinning Gus.

Taylor shared the same pic on his Instagram webpage, together with the caption, “My new best friend and I.”

Meanwhile, Mandy is currently back filming That Is Us, 1 month after giving birth to Gus. On Thursday, March 25, the celebrity posted on her Instagram Story a movie of herself sitting at a hairstyling seat.

“Mother is BACK in the office!!!” She wrote, after adding along with a selfie,” Beck is back again. So thankful to have the ability to ease back in this particular job I love so much (and also to have the ability to attract my sweet hubby and baby to hang me).”

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