Maryland AG Requested to Obstruct Baltimore museum’s artworks sale

BALTIMORE — A set of art fans wants Maryland officials to obstruct the Baltimore Museum of Art’s proposed purchase of three functions of art, among them Andy Warhol’s”The Last Supper.”

The letter asks them to stop the projected planned personal purchase of their Warhol painting in addition to the Oct. 28 auction of Clyfford Still’s”1957-G” and Brice Marden’s”3.”

The team’s letter also asks Frosh to start an investigation into alleged improprieties targeting the museum’s determination to market the 3 things.

“There were irregularities and possible conflicts of interest from the sales arrangement” and the procedure by which the conclusion had been made, the letter states. It added the Warhol work, specifically,” is probably being marketed, or has been sold, in a bargain-basement price”

In reaction, the ministry stated it’s violated no laws and violated no ethics codes at the”deaccessioning,” the word for the museum’s choice to eliminate artworks from the permanent collection and place them up for sale, the paper reported.

The museum’s board of trustees voted Oct. 1 to market the 3 functions to finance diversity initiatives, such as staff salary increases. Museum manager Christopher Bedford has stated the three functions were expected to earn about $65 million.