Megan Thee Stallion op-ed Involves Shielding Black Ladies

LOS ANGELES — An op-ed by Megan Thee Stallion about the necessity to safeguard Black girls was released Tuesday because rapper Tory Lanez needed his initial court hearing on felony charges alleging he shot.

“I was the victim of an act of violence with a guy,” she wrote in the New York Times, with no seeing Lanez. The op-ed was printed shortly before a judge released him on bond and ordered him to keep away from her.

“Following a celebration, I had been shot twice since I walked off from him,” she wrote concerning the attacker. “We weren’t in a connection. Frankly, I was shocked that I ended up in this location.”

From the piece titled, “Why I Speak Up For Black Girls,” the hip-hop superstar writes that”Black girls continue to be continuously disrespected and ignored in so many regions of life”

In her first public remarks on the issue since Lanez was charged Thursday, she explains why, on July 12, the night she had been shot at the toes at the Hollywood Hills, she fell to inform the police or otherwise promote her injuries were from gunfire.

“My first silence about what occurred was from fear for myself and my friends,” she writes. “Even as a sufferer, I have been met with judgment and uncertainty. How that people have publicly challenged and debated if I played a part in my violent attack proves my anxieties about talking about what occurred were, sadly, justified”

He said just”yes, your honor” into a succession of questions in the judge and didn’t enter a plea.

Lanez’s bond was set at $190,000, which was immediately submitted, and he had been ordered to make no contact with Megan Thee Stallion and to concede any firearms he owns. He’s been free because he was temporarily jailed following an arrest on suspicion of illegal weapon possession on the afternoon of the shooting.

His lawyer Shawn Holley declined to comment later.

The day after that he had been charged, Lanez stated on Twitter which”the facts will come to the light” and”a fee isn’t a conviction.”

After hitting Sept. 24 that he would tell his side of this story on societal media after that night he rather released a new record, “Daystar,” which now sits at No. 10 on the Billboard album chart.

Prosecutors allege Lanez fired Megan Thee Stallion, whose legal name is Megan Pete after she got from an SUV through an argument.

Within her op-ed, she places her shooting and its aftermath from the context of bigger issues for Black girls,” who fight against stereotypes and therefore are viewed as threatening or angry while we attempt to stand up for ourselves and our sisters.”

“And we’re entitled to our anger about a laundry list of mistreatment and neglect we endure.”

Megan Thee Stallion has experienced a breakout streak in the previous two years who has set her one of the greatest stars in hip-hop.

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