Mexican president asks Pope Francis to Get conquest apology

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president Printed an open letter to Pope Francis Saturday calling the Roman Catholic Church to Plead for abuses of Native Peoples Throughout the conquest of Mexico from the 1500s.

From the letter, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also asks the pope to give Mexico early pre-Hispanic Mexican or colonial-era documents.

“The Catholic Church, the Spanish monarchy and the Mexican authorities must make a public apology to its offensive atrocities that Native people endured,” the letter says.

López Obrador requested the pope to create an impression in favor of Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico’s 19th-century freedom leader that was believed to have been excommunicated from the church because he participated in the uprising. But, researchers afterward said it seemed that Hidalgo had confessed his sins until he had been implemented and consequently wasn’t excommunicated.

The letter comes as Mexico struggles with how to mark the 500th anniversary of this 1519-1521 conquest, which led to the departure of a sizable region of the nation’s pre-Hispanic inhabitants.

In 2019, López Obrador requested Spain for an apology for the conquest, where countless Native people died from disease and violence.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said in that Spain”won’t issue those apologies which were asked”