Mexico charges ex-security Leader who faces trial in US

MEXICO CITY — Mexican officials said Sunday that they wish to prosecute former security chief Genaro Gará Luna in his country, even though he faces trial at the U.S. for supposedly protecting a drug gang.

The activity follows a U.S. choice to drop charges against the other former top Mexican official accused of medication connections, ex-Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos, also depart up any prosecution to Mexico.

A federal official told The Associated Press on Sunday that the Attorney General’s Office had issued an arrest warrant Friday for former Public Security Secretary García Luna and officials”are analyzing the viability of beginning an extradition procedure.”

The officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to insufficient consent to discuss the case publicly, said García Luna is accused of illegal enrichment.

He had been detained in December at Texas and pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking charges, such as a brand new one of participating in a continuing criminal enterprise.

U.S. prosecutors accuse him of accepting tens of thousands of thousands of millions of dollars in bribes — frequently packaged in briefcases full of money — to protect the Sinaloa cartel from law enforcement.

Back in January, the former Mexican official pleaded not guilty to charges of cocaine trafficking conspiracy along with a false announcement.

It was not obvious if the Mexican officials expect to attract García Luna back before a U.S. trial or until any possible prison time. Some previous Mexican officials have been tried in the home after serving a sentence at the U.S.

U.S. police have estimated that a trial there could take a couple of months.

A judge in New York City accepted the dismissal of fees and the overall was sent back into Mexico, where so much he faces no charges.

Cienfuegos, 72, was indicted by a federal grand jury in New York in 2019.

Mexican officials complained the U.S. didn’t discuss proof against Cienfuegos and his arrest came as a surprise. Additionally, it caused alarm in Mexico’s army, which has played a very important part in operations against drug cartels.

The day following Cienfuegos was sentenced to Mexico,” Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard explained that Mexico needs any trials of supposedly corrupt public officials to happen in Mexico instead of overseas, however, he distinguished the instances of Cienfuegos and García Luna, noting that the latter was a resident of this U.S.