Mexico opens anti-monopoly probe amid oxygen Cost rise

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s anti-monopoly commission said Thursday that it is looking into potential price-fixing or monopolistic practices on the marketplace for medical oxygen, following physicians reported that a spike in costs and problems in receiving tanks and refills.

Costs for oxygen tanks in Mexico have allegedly tripled because the pandemic struck Mexico in March, and Mexico has been posting record amounts of disease. On Thursday, the Health Department said that there were 8,438 recently confirmed cases for the past 24 hours, bringing the nation’s case complete to 370,712. Confirmed deaths climbed by 718 into 41,908.

“Beginning in March, it began to acquire rare because there was a massive sum of demand.

But he asked whether anything illegal was involved. “It was demand and supply. Everyone was asking for oxygen so that it was sort of logical that the cost could have gone up,” he explained.

Becerra said oxygen distribution businesses might have been unprepared for the massive surge in demand as a result of coronavirus outbreak.

The Federal Economic Competition Commission stated it wasn’t pre-judging if any offenses occurred. It said the analysis was started on July 13 and could require at least four weeks.

It stated that if any violations are present, businesses that engage in unfair practices can face fines of around 8 percent of annual earnings.

Many Mexicans have attempted to take care of COVID-19 symptoms in the home, either from fear of visiting busy hospitals or since the government has advised individuals with less severe symptoms to remain in the home.

The spike in house remedy not only entails supplementary oxygen.

“Before, we could ship 1 box per day, but it’s exploded and now folks are searching for 50 boxes,” he explained of ivermectin.