Mexico president Needs US Proof against ex-defense chief

Retired Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos was detained Thursday in Los Angeles International Aiport. The following day, prosecutors published records alleging that Cienfuegos protected and helped a drug cartel moving heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine into the U.S.

“Show those surgeries of complicity should they have the evidence,” López Obrador said. Just then will Mexico start its evaluation. “We can not allow a person to be judged just for political or other reasons if there’s absolutely no proof.”

The president included though that there wouldn’t be impunity for anybody who committed wrongdoing.

U.S. prosecutors allege that throughout this time, he had been serving a drug trafficking organization called the”H2″ cartel, though in Mexico it had been believed a remnant of this Beltran Leyva firm, a once-powerful cartel that disappeared following the arrests or deaths from its creators.

The allegations rattled Mexico, in which the armed forces are among the very last institutions broadly trusted by the public regarding corruption.

Fighting corruption continues to be López Obrador’s preferred subject at the office, but he’s also vested more duty from the army than any other Mexican president lately. On Monday, he stayed protective of this institution.

López Obrador said that as commander-in-chief, he’d be the sole spokesman for the authorities on the topic.

Cienfuegos has been scheduled to create another court appearance in Los Angeles Tuesday before being moved to New York, in which the instance is established.

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