Mexico sets traps for Favorable bear that Introduced for’selfies’

MEXICO CITY — A black bear pictured placing its claws on hikers and inspecting them in northern Mexico is drawing on assistance from an internet effort opposing plans by governments to utilize non-lethal traps for the creature so that it could be emptied.

The bear became famous this week following a girl posted a photograph of this creature looking to break its chin on her shoulder and then start looking in the camera as though it were posing for a selfie. The bear was somewhat taller than the girl, who had been with other girls on a rise. A video of this group’s experience was posted.

Some indicated that the walkers, not even the bear, were the issue, with one Web meme showing an image of a bear along with the term, “Stay at home so that I do not need to be emptied.”

Mexico’s workplace for environmental security said Friday it had put several traps for the bear, also added that the monster was relocated earlier and was allegedly searching for meals.

A similar-sized bear, maybe the same one, was observed afterward softly sniffing and pawing in the bottoms of a girl walking in a road at a nearby suburb. Both events ended without violence following both girls stayed still and quietly walked off.

An internet request at has gotten over 135,000 signatures from relocating the bear beyond the park or into a zoo.

“The bear is at its habitat, we’re requesting it be found in precisely the same place, rather than spend its life in a zoo,” the petition states.

The environmental defense office stated it had no plans to take the bear to a zoo, but did state that the bear had been a repeat offender and could be moved to some other place, although it was uncertain if that meant exactly the same township or elsewhere.