Mexico to Chase soldiers, National Authorities in abduction probe

MEXICO CITY — Mexico has issued 25 arrest warrants for people who completed and understood about the abduction of 43 pupils in southern Mexico in 2014, such as for the first time members of the army and national authorities, the Attorney General’s Office declared Saturday.

“Those responsible for the forced disappearance of their 43 pupils in the south of the nation are wholly identified” and will be prosecuted, despite the manipulation and cover-up that occurred under the former government, stated Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero about the sixth anniversary of the disappearance.

Omar Gómez Trejo, the prosecutor leading the event of the pupils in the teachers’ school at Ayotzinapa at Guerrero state, said one national police officer was in custody.

Gómez reported that one of those being sought is “the intellectual and material authors of their disappearance and such orders comprise police from several municipalities, national authorities, members of the military,” and former and current officials in the national prosecutor’s office and organized crime.

The pupils’ families have demanded that soldiers be contained in the analysis.

It happened near a massive army base and separate investigations revealed members of the army know what was happening.

“Arrest orders are issued for soldiers which are going to be completed,” López Obrador said. “He’s engaged and is revealed to have achieved so will be judged, which is an improvement, there’ll not be a cover-up.”

The reason for the pupils’ abduction remains a topic of disagreement.

On Saturday, Gertz Manero stated”the lost youths were victims that finished up in the center of a struggle of interests involving drug trafficking forces” Iguala has long been a crucial hub for transferring heroin from opium poppies grown in the surrounding hills north to the USA.

He explained that along with the missing pupils, others were murdered in the area that night. “Almost 80 people were massacred and concealed in Iguala from the unique criminal classes and their official accomplices,” he explained.

Interior Ministry Under-Secretary Alejandro Encinas said that because the research started for the 43 pupils, a few 245 bodies are observed in the region. Just 22 have already been identified.

Six years in not knowing for sure what happened to the pupils has left the households distressed. Moving against the army is symbolically important.

María Martínez, the mom of one of those lost students, who talked for the other households stated she requested that the authorities”squeeze a bit more,” since the households are”angry with pain”

They stated their stays were pitched at a river. On the other hand, the variant was largely predicated on statements made under torture and separate investigators didn’t find evidence to support the narrative.

Gertz Manero stated he believes that a”generalized cover-up” was established.

The highest-ranking fugitive from the instance is Tomás Zeron, who in the time of the abduction has been the mind of the national investigation bureau. Gertz Manero said Saturday the Zeron had been in Israel and Mexico had requested that authorities for aid within his arrest.

Gertz Manero reported that along with Zeron’s alleged offenses linked to the scenario, he allegedly stole over $44 million in the Attorney General’s Office budget. Mexican police had located him in Canada, however as they ready to seek his extradition he fled to Israel.