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Mia Farrow Addresses”Vicious Rumors” Concerning the Deaths of Adopted Children

Mia Farrow Addresses”Vicious Rumors” Concerning the Deaths of Adopted Children

“Few households are perfect (sic), and any parent that has endured the loss of a child understands that pain is more ceaseless,” she wrote. “But, some vicious rumours based on untruths have seemed on the internet regarding the lives of all my kids. To honour their memory, their kids and every household that has coped with the death of a young child, I’m making this post”

Mia continued, “My dear daughter Tam passed off from a casual prescription overdose linked to the debilitating migraines she endured, and her heart disease.”

She subsequently addressed Lark’s departure in 2008, explaining her 35-year-old daughter expired”from complications of HIV/AIDS, which she contracted by a former partner.”

“Despite her sickness, she lived a loving and successful life together with her kids and longtime partner. She cried to her illness and died suddenly in the hospital on Christmas, in her partner’s arms,” she stated, adding that Lark is recalled as an”amazing woman, a superb husband, husband, spouse and mother for her children.”

She proceeded to describe Thaddeus, who expired in 2016 of a gunshot wound to the gut at age 29, as a”brave son” and was”happily living” together with his fiancé.

The Great Gatsby performer added, “All these are unspeakable tragedies. Another speculation for their deaths would be to dishonour their own lives and the lives of the kids and nearest and dearest.”

Mia stated that despite her 11 living children and 16 grandchildren’s”sorrow,” their own”lives nowadays are filled with joy and love.”

Speculation regarding the nature of both Tam, Lark and Thaddeus’ departure arose when Mia’s estranged son, Moses Farrow, maintained at a 2018 site which Tam had connected with a medication overdose and Lark’s departure was compounded by her struggles with addiction.

At the moment, several members of the Farrow family refused Moses’ asserts, such as an allegation that Mia was abusive to her kids. Dylan Farrow claimed on Twitter, “As I stated when he made these promises, this can be an effort to divert from a plausible allegation made by an adult woman, but seeking to impugn my mum who’s only ever been supportive of me and my sisters.

She continued, “It is easily disproven, contradicts years of their statements, is past hurtful to me, and is a part of a bigger attempt to discredit and divert from my attack. My brother is a distressed individual. I am so sorry he is doing so.”

To find out more about what the bombshell docuseries did and didn’tcover, browse our narrative here.

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