Mike Pompeo again Disturbs China for not Discussing coronavirus Information

Pompeo produced the remarks on Fox News in reaction to claims from Hong Kong-based virologist Dr. Yan Li-Meng, who returned into the US, which Beijing understood the virus would spread between people three weeks before that understanding has been made public.

“The World Health Organization itself has been invisibly in precisely the same attempt to deny that the world the knowledge it had to react to the threat, to the danger from the virus which emanates from Wuhan, China,” Pompeo explained.

The secretary of state spoke a day later telling The Hill through a virtual summit he thought the rest of the planet would create China”pay a price” due to their mishandling of this outbreak, which originated at Wuhan Province.

“I will see countries that are doing business in China that are rethinking about the way to do this,” he told Fox.

“If you’re shopping for products which are a consequence of the slave labor that is going on in the western region of China if you are a nation that has bent the knee to China since they strove to come fish on your waters which are kindly yours… I could observe countries all over the globe that are reasserting their promises, their sovereignty.

“And President Trump’s done here also,” Pompeo added. “For 40 years — that is not shameful — for 40 decades, we have had administrations who’ve looked the other way and enabled China to trample on us. President Trump stated,’ no longer. ”’

“Nations, not just in Southeast Asia, but in Asia more widely… have begun to comprehend the danger the Chinese Communist Party gifts. The USA slept this for a long time. I believe they did too and that I believe that they’re coming into a joint decision that it is time for the entire world to be certain we get this right,” he continued.

“For democracies and freedom-loving individuals around the planet, it’s an imperative that we push back against the struggle which the Chinese Communist Party gifts us all.”

Pompeo has slammed China in recent times on numerous problems, including the safety crackdown from Hong Kong and army maneuvers in the South China Sea in addition to the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed about 137,000 Americans and has been spread across the united states.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying fired back on Twitter, calling Pompeo that a liar — and mentioning a Harvard University study that stated the Chinese people’s” favorite” their administration by a large margin.

The #CPC appreciates the maximum rate of satisfaction and support among the Chinese people, as over 90 percent based on global polls and the newest from Harvard University,” Hua tweeted.

China has denied withholding information from various other nations.