Mississippi State Bulldogs May Have to purge malcontents, Mike Leach States after Reduction

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach said he might need to assess the roster and potentially”purge” a few gamers that do not match the program after Saturday’s 24-2 reduction in Kentucky.

“We are going to need to look at a few of our team and find out who wants to play,” Leach said after the Kentucky reduction,” since any malcontents, we are going to need to purge a few of these.”

Kentucky had an 8-yard interception return for a touchdown and proceeded just 22 yards and two yards on just two other scoring drives. Quarterback K.J. Costello, who shined from the opener, threw four interceptions before being replaced by freshman May Rogers, who double was intercepted.

“We did not play at all,” Leach said. “You really can say everything. We have got to find out a way to clean up that. Their three men upfront can always beat our five. Our recipients didn’t always grab the ball. … We turned over the ball, which has been a byproduct of this quarterback’s eyes never being in the ideal location.”

Asked if Costello, a grad transfer from Stanford, could stay Mississippi State’s newcomer, Leach said, “We are going to have to go back and have a look and watch “

Leach also pointed to bad offensive-line drama, penalties, and dropped passes as problems that plagued Mississippi State’s crime against Kentucky. He explained the Bulldogs practiced nicely but did not interpret their functionality to the match, noting the crime’s issues are”unit-wide.”

“Offensively, we are not training well right now,” Leach said. “We need to coach. When you study this game, virtually every difficulty that we’ve was self-inflicted. With a great deal of regard to Kentucky, however, one self-inflicted wound following the following. I have been in lots of games where we did not drop some balls. I don’t know the number of balls dropped but I lost count.”

“We have got to become a much better crime,” Leach said. “We have got a brand new platform, we have a few youth and inexperience, and we have only got to stick together and tutor our way through it”