Modified photo shows Ice Cube, 50 Cent in’Trump 2020′ hats

A modified photograph of rappers Ice Cube and 50 Cent in hats that seem to demonstrate support for President Donald Trump circulated broadly on social websites Tuesday, fueled in part with a tweet from Eric Trump.

“Two amazing, brave Americans,” Trump’s son tweeted. He eliminated the tweet using a photograph of both rappers in hats stating”Trump 2020″ after being called out by Ice Cube on Twitter.

In the first photograph, the two entertainers were wearing baseball caps with sports logos. Ice Cube’s hat says”Big3,” a reference to some 3-on-3 basketball team that he co-founded, and 50 Cent wears one using all the New York Yankees logo. Ice Cube shared with the first picture on his Twitter accounts on July 6 to send a birthday message to 50 Cent.

The manipulated picture was shared tens of thousands of occasions on Twitter and Facebook because it started gaining attention on Monday.

“Here is the beginning of a lousy week to the Democrats…,” a single Twitter user stated on a post using the modified photograph that had over 8,000 stocks Monday.

Ice Cube, whose actual name is O’Shea Jackson, has come under fire for looking to function together with the Trump government on his”Deal with Black Americans,” which involves a new dynamic for the way our country is conducted to deal with racial problems. In a recent interview with CNN, he said the Trump effort and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign achieved to him regarding his contract.

“One effort stated’we love what you’ve but let us dig into it following the election,’ and yet one effort stated we adore what you have, would o you mind speaking to people about it and that is exactly what I did,” he said on CNN. “The Trump effort came to me and requested me to describe them some of this Contract with Black America.”

Ice Cube explained that he hasn’t endorsed either effort.

“Everybody is in power I will use,” he said on CNN.