Montenegro’s incoming PM slams expulsion concerning Serbian diplomat

PODGORICA, Montenegro — Montenegro’s prime minister-designate on Sunday protested the outgoing government’s decision to divert the Serbian ambassador in the tiny Balkan country only days ahead of the planned inauguration of a brand new, pro-Serb Cabinet.

“Such acts aren’t in the soul of the European route and great regional collaboration of friendly nations,” Zdravko Krivokapic tweeted. “The incoming regime, in its last days, doesn’t shy away in the polarization of society as well as the deepening of branches.”

Montenegro’s Foreign Ministry mentioned”long and constant meddling in the internal affairs of Montenegro” because of the motive for ordering the Serbian ambassador to depart the nation.

On Sunday, Serbia decided to reverse the decision, stating that the Montenegrin diplomat could remain.

“We chose to do this because we do not wish to execute any aggressive action against Montenegro,” Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic explained.

The diplomatic dispute included tense relations between the two neighboring Balkan countries that were a part of the identical state before an independence referendum in 2006 led to Montenegro dividing away.

Montenegro remains profoundly divided among people searching for closer ties with conventional Slavic allies Serbia and Russia and people who see Montenegro as an independent country connected with the West.

The long-ruling pro-Western Democratic Party of Socialists was conquered at an August election with a pro-Serb coalition whose administration is to be voted into office through a parliamentary session the following week.

The incoming government has accused Serbia of meddling in the election and helping pro-Serb political forces in Montenegro to install allies in regaining and power influence.

“The new administration will work to enhance Montenegro’s relations with Serbia, we’ll promote a good-neighborly policy together with Belgrade, in addition to with everybody in the area, about the principle of sovereignty, autonomy, and non-interference from the internal affairs of other nations,” Krivokapic tweeted.