Mourners gather to bid farewell before murdered Mexican journalist

Valdivia covered general information in that component of Veracruz, such as offense. Back in Mexico, those beat colleagues often draw the interest of criminal groups who are upset by policy or attempt to restrain what stories are printed.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Thursday he understands journalists do”epic” function in that portion of Veracruz and different areas.

“This is the reason why all cases have to be investigated and those responsible punished,” he explained.

Valdivia, a father of six, has been the sixth journalist murdered this year in Mexico. Buddy Angela Carrasco said the paper had not paid him his entire wages in eight weeks. He had been earning 1,000 pesos or roughly $47 per week,” she explained. Carrasco said that her friend was seriously interested in his job and constantly striving to get ahead because of his brothers. “That is what he dwelt,” she explained.

The Veracruz state prosecutor’s office said in a statement Wednesday that its evaluation will include Valdivia’s job as a journalist among the main lines of question. Mexican governments are criticized in prior instances for fast discounting any link between killed journalists and their job.

The Veracruz State Commission for Care and Safety of Journalists said in a statement that Valdivia hadn’t reported getting threats to them and consequently didn’t possess special security measures. It condemned Valdivia’s murder and called on the government to deeply explore any link to his job.

On Thursday, commission manager Jorge Morales seen Valdivia’s household.

“In Veracruz, there are regions which are silenced or at which there’s a de facto vacuum of this principle of law, which compels journalists to turn into self-censorship for a way of security,” Morales explained. He said that the groups which function in areas such as this take part in gas theft, drug manufacturing and trafficking, extortion, kidnappings, and concealing products off trucks. “We are talking about regions within a state of decomposition.”

Tezonapa, in which Valdivia was out of, sits in the boundary between Veracruz and Oaxaca. Motzorongo, in which his body has been discovered, is only five kilometers from Tezonapa.

The region where the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca fulfill is violent. Multiple organized crime groups, such as the Jalisco New Generation cartel, function in the region. Local colleagues say that the region is dominated by organized crime. Valdivia is the third reporter murdered in the region because of 2015.

They said state security forces with assistance in the National Guard, military, and marines would police the region.

Authorities said a nearby police officer shot the boy in the head with a shotgun because he awakened with a police checkpoint with buddies on bikes. The teenager’s mother said they’d only gone into the shop to purchase sodas. The police officer has been detained.