Music Review: BTS unstoppable in their Newest’Journey’

There’s absolutely no such thing as a world pandemic that may stop the BTS train.

The soda (no K required ) superstars were able to capture a full-length Japanese record, “Map of the Soul: 7 — The Journey,” from the couple of months the entire world had been on lockdown. Just two songs on the 13-track record, their eighth overall, are fresh: “Stay Gold” is a motivational piano song with a catchy hook, and”Your Eyes Tell” is an up-tempo ballad. The remainder is cobbled and interpreted from BTS’ most recent Korean documents.

“The Journey” is a trip for certain with its own pure, unadulterated pop which goes out of lo-fi guitar using entrancing snare beats such as”Black Swan” into a magic Latin rhythm on”Airplane Pt. 2,” into a cheerleading routine that’s steeled with an EDM lineup on”IDOL.” You simply can not shake the hypnotic hoarse trumpet of”Make It Right” or runoff in the utter earworm that’s”Boy with Luv,” the first version of the tune hitting the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart this past year.

The music is contagious. There is nothing left of the dancing floor if”The Journey” is completed with you. Stay gold, stan BTS.