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Myanmar still mired in violence Two months Following Army coup

Myanmar still mired in violence Two months Following Army coup

YANGON, Myanmar — Protesters at Myanmar on Thursday lasted two weeks since the army seized power by defying the danger of deadly violence and demonstrating against its toppling of this nation’s democratically elected authorities.

Security forces have been not able to conquer the huge public resistance to the Feb. 1 coup despite the usage of escalating violence, such as habitually shooting protesters. International attempts such as sanctions imposed by Western countries on the military program have failed to revive the peace.

In Yangon, the nation’s biggest city, a group of young people assembled soon after sunrise Thursday to sing tunes honouring the over 500 protesters killed up to now.

The presentations followed a night of violence involving police raids and many fires. In Yangon, many retail stores owned in part or whole Myanma Economic Holdings Ltd., an investment arm of the army, went up in flames. The stores are also goals of boycotts from the protest movement.

The catastrophe in the Southeast Asian country has expanded sharply in the past week, both at the number of protesters murdered and also military airstrikes against the guerrilla forces of the Karen ethnic minority in their ancestral lands across the boundary with Thailand.

That is a stark change for Myanmar, which before the coup was making gradual progress toward greater democracy after decades of brutal military rule.

In areas controlled by the Karen, over a dozen civilians have been murdered since Saturday and over 20,000 are displaced, according to the Free Burma Rangers, a relief agency working in the region.

In addition to these deaths, an airstrike on a gold mine at Karen guerrilla land on Tuesday murdered as many as 11 more individuals, as reported by a local news outlet and also an instruction worker connected with residents near the website.

Saw Kholo Htoo, the deputy manager of the Karen Teacher Working Group, said taxpayers told him five people were murdered at the mine along with six others in a nearby village.

Around 3,000 Karen villagers have fled to neighbouring Thailand lately, but a lot of them have returned under uncertain conditions. Thai police said they moved voluntarily after a short stay, but aid groups say they’re not secure and several stays in hiding in the jungle and caves around the Myanmar side of the border.

Burgener didn’t define what actions she considered important, but painted a dire picture of the army crackdown and informed the council at a closed briefing that Myanmar” is on the verge of spiralling to a failed state.” A video presentation of this briefing was obtained from The Associated Press.

Any U.N. settlements for activities like a comprehensive ban on weapons sales to Myanmar will almost surely be vetoed by China or even Russia, which can be political allies of the junta in addition to leading suppliers of arms into the army.

Within Myanmar opposition team comprising ousted lawmakers on Wednesday announced the nation’s 2008 constitution, drafted under military leadership, emptiness and put forward an interim replacement charter from a different obstacle to the junta.

The movement, although more symbolic than functional, could assist woo the nation’s armed ethnic militias to ally themselves with the mass protest movement located in towns and cities.

Demonstrators in many regions burned copies of their 2008 constitution on Thursday to observe the actions from the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, the nation’s legislature, which calls itself the legitimate authorities.

In Mandalay, protesters burnt pages beneath the gaze of Buddhist monks that gave their funds together with all the three-fingered salute adopted by the immunity.

The 2008 constitution ensured the army maintained its dominance by booking its seats in the legislature to obstruct any travel changes and by keeping control of key government ministries.

Among the aims of the interim constitution suggested by the ousted lawmakers would be to fulfil the longstanding requirements of cultural minority groups for increased autonomy. In looking for an alliance with ethnic minority armed groups, the lawmakers expect to create a joint military for a counterweight to the authorities armed forces.

Over a dozen cultural minority groups have sought greater independence from the central government for a long time, occasionally through armed struggle. In times of peace, relations are strained and cease-fires delicate.

A number of the more important groups — such as the Kachin, the Karen and the Rakhine Arakan Army — have denounced the coup and they will defend protesters within their lands.

Ousted leader Suu Kyi, already charged with four small criminal offences, is confronting an extra among violating Myanmar’s colonial-era Official Secrets Act, that can be punishable by up to 14 years’ imprisonment, stated one of her attorneys, Khin Maung Zaw.

He said Suu Kyi and Australian economist Sean Turnell, who functioned as her advisor and was also arrested on the day of the coup, were charged on March 25 at a Yangon court. He provided no other information.

Her fans dismiss the accusations as politically motivated and aimed toward averting her return.

A hearing which Suu Kyi attended video was held Thursday in a court in the capital, Naypyitaw, to examine her legal representation.

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