N Korea accuses S Korea of intrusion to Locate official’s body

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea accused South Korea of sending boats across the contested sea boundary to come across the body of a person newly killed by North Koreabull troops, cautioning Sunday the alleged invasion may escalate tensions.

South Korea said before that North Korea delivered a message such as a rare apology by pioneer Kim Jong Un within the shooting death last week of a South Korean government official discovered to a floating thing in North Korean waters.

“We advocate the Southside to instantly stop the intrusion round the military demarcation line from the West Sea which could result in an escalation of tensions,” the official Korean Central News Agency said. “It arouses our thanks vigilance as it might result in a different dreadful incident.”

It affirmed North Korea informed South Korea regarding its accounts of this episode on Friday. Nevertheless, it did not say whether the telling comprised Kim’s apology.

South Korea did not immediately respond. But it sooner said that coast guard ships hunted waters close to the border on Friday and Saturday in the event the guy’s body melts.

They have fought three damn naval skirmishes since 1999 and attacks blamed North Korea murdered 50 South Koreans there in 2010.

Based on Friday’s North Korean message promoted by Seoul, North Korean troops captured the guy because he refused to answer inquiries and tried to flee. Also, it said that the soldiers burnt his floating thing consistent with rigorous anti-coronavirus rules, after failing to locate his body.

South Korea said Saturday it might ask North Korea to establish an extra investigation.

Kim’s apology has been regarded as an effort to soothe anti-North opinion in South Korea which could make it harder for him to acquire concessions in any discussions.

Even though Kim’s apology might reduce the danger of escalation of tensions between the competitions, conservatives in South Korea have established a political offensive about liberal President Moon Jae-in for failing to protect against the man’s departure.