N. Korea threatens to make more extra nukes, cites US hostility

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatened to enlarge his nuclear arsenal as he revealed a record of high tech weapons systems under development, stating the destiny of connections with the United States is determined by if it abandons its hostile policy, state media reported Saturday.

Kim said he will not use his weapons unless endangered. Also, he indicated he’s receptive to the conversation when Washington is too, but worried North Korea must further strengthen its military and nuclear ability to deal with intensifying U.S. hostility.

He called the U.S. his nation’s”main enemy”

“Whoever takes office at the U.S., its fundamental character and hostile policy won’t ever change,” he explained.

Cheong Seong-Chang, a fellow in the Wilson Center’s Asia Program, said Kim’s address showed that he has no interests in denuclearization talks with Biden if he insists working-level discussions should sort out controversial issues.

Kim did not mention any particular provocative U.S. actions. North Korea has called routine U.S. military exercises with South Korea an invasion though the allies have denied that.

The North Korean leader recorded sophisticated weapons systems he said were under development. He said North Korea should advance the precision strike capability on goals from the 15,000 kilometers (9,320 miles)-striking selection, an obvious reference to the U.S. mainland, and create technologies to fabricate smaller nuclear warheads to be mounted on long-range missiles more readily.

“The truth is that we can attain prosperity and peace on the Korean Peninsula when we continuously develop our national defense and curb U.S. military dangers,” Kim stated.

It is uncertain if North Korea is capable of creating such systems. It is among the planet’s most cloistered nations, and quotes about the specific status of its nuclear and missile applications vary widely. In 2018, the South Korean authorities said North Korea was estimated to get up to 60 atomic weapons.

“What they would like to inform the U.S. is we are creating the new tactical weapons which it is possible to see as the very intimidating. Would you need to arrive at the bargaining table?”

He talked for nine months, the bureau stated.

The congress, the party’s leading decision-making body, has been held as Kim confronts what seems to be the roughest second of his nine-year rule because of blows to his already-fragile market — pandemic-related boundary closings which have aggressively decreased the North’s external commerce, a spate of natural disasters and U.S.-led sanctions.

Throughout his opening-day address, Kim is known as the problems that the”worst-ever” and confessed his previous financial strategies had failed. In his additional remarks reported Saturday he called for developing a more powerful self-supporting market and diminishing reliance on imports below a new five-year growth program.

Since taking power in late 2011, Kim, who turned 37 on Friday, has driven the so-called”byungjin” coverage of concurrently seeking economic expansion and the growth of his nuclear deterrent. After claiming to have attained the capability to attack the U.S. mainland with atomic weapons, Kim launched high-stakes summits with Trump in 2018, but their diplomacy afterward fell apart because of wrangling within the sanctions the subsequent calendar year.

In this week’s speeches,” Kim said North Korea will boost ties with China, its main ally and financial lifeline but slammed South Korea for ongoing the exercises with the U.S. and introducing contemporary firearms.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry reacted that it expects to get the early resumption of North Korea-U.S. talks, stating the inauguration of a new president at Washington can function as a fantastic opportunity to enhance their ties.

“Kim’s address foreshows the North Korean-U.S. relations will not be eloquent in the subsequent four years using Biden at the workplace,” said Nam Sung-Wook, an expert on North Korea in Korea University in South Korea. “We will not probably see huge occasions and spectacles (such as the Kim-Trump summits) for now.”