NASA says it did Not Produce a 13th zodiac sign named Ophiuchus

NASA was forced to declare that it did not produce a 13th zodiac sign, the signal has ever existed.

“Here at NASAwe examine astronomy, not astrology,” the area agency stated in a blog article. “We did not alter any zodiac signs, we did the math”

Zodiac is a place in space that encircles Earth and its rotation around sunlight over a year. Additionally, it includes the celebrities which compose the constellations of the zodiac.

NASA clarified that the Babylonians divide the zodiac into 12 equal portions, choosing one constellation for every month of its 12-year calendar.

However, there was one difficulty.

“So they chose you, Ophiuchus, to exit. Even then, a few of the preferred 12 did not fit neatly in their delegated slice of this pie and then crossed over to the subsequent one.”

NASA explained the sunlight spends different periods lined up with every constellation and also to”create a clean match using their 12-month calendar” that the Babylonians nixed that the Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer.

“They then assigned all these 12 constellations equal quantities of time,” the bureau stated.

“We did not alter any zodiac signs…we did the math”

The article slapped a hoax that has gained traction earlier, such as in 2011, CNN mentioned.