New arrest Following France church Assault, security tightened

Muslims held anti-France protests throughout the Mideast and outside Friday, although mourners placed flowers, candles, and messages in the entry to the Notre Dame Basilica at the French Riviera town of Nice, where Thursday’s knife assault happened.

The offender, Ibrahim Issaoui, was severely wounded by police and hospitalized in life-threatening conditions, police said. Anti-terrorism prosecutors in France and Tunisia are exploring.

A new defendant is a 47-year-old man considered to have been connected with the attacker on the evening before the assault, as shown by a judicial officer. The official wasn’t authorized to be publicly called.

The victims included 55-year-old Vincent Loques, a father of 2 who had been the church sacristan, in control of its sacred objects, based on local broadcaster France-Bleu. The following was a 44-year-old mum of three from Brazil appointed Simone who’d studied cooking Nice and aided poor communities, France-Bleu reported.

In an interview broadcast Friday using Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV, the attacker’s mum said she had been amazed by these events.

In the Tunisian state of Sfax, the mom, her eyes moist with tears, said she had been amazed to hear that her son was in France when he called upon his birth and had no clue what he was intending. “You do not understand the French language, you do not know anybody there, you are likely to live alone, why did you move there?” She stated she told him on the telephone at the moment.

His brother advised Al-Arabiya the Issaoui had advised the family he’d sleep facing the church, and delivered them a picture showing him in the palace where the assault happened. “He did not tell me anything,” he explained.

It isn’t clear when he came to Nice.

Tunisians fleeing a virus-battered market constitute the largest contingent of migrants landing in Italy this past year. The Italian press reported from Lampedusa, where Issaoui was among 1,300 coming migrants on Sept. 20, he had been put with 800 other people on a virus quarantine ship in Puglia.

Following the quarantine, he also received a note he was being expelled from Italy for illegal entrance and has been given seven days to leave the country, based on Milan daily Corriere Della Sera.

Minister Luciana Lamorgese didn’t provide additional details about what, if any actions, were taken to guarantee the guy complied with the arrangement, but she said he wasn’t flagged by the Tunisian government nor by intelligence agencies.

Lamorgese named Thursday’s assault in France `’an assault on Europe.

The attack was the third in under two weeks that French police have attributed to Muslim extremists, including the beheading of a teacher who’d revealed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in the course after the pictures were re-published by satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

The pictures profoundly offended many Muslims, and protesters burnt on French flags, stomped on pictures of President Emmanuel Macron, or searching for boycotts of French goods at demonstrations Friday in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Additional protests, mostly organized by Islamists, are expected throughout the area, such as in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Macron stated he would instantly raise the number of soldiers deployed to shield French colleges and spiritual websites from approximately 3,000 to 7,000. Schools stay open through a national lockdown that began Friday to stem the spread of this virus, but spiritual services are now canceled.