New monument in Arlington National Cemetery honors women in Army

A brand new monument honoring all military servicewomen was unveiled in Arlington National Cemetery.

The life-size bronze sculpture, titled”The Pledge,” reveals a girl in full battle uniform bonding using a pet.

“‘The Pledge’ catches a short personal moment of mutual esteem and love, together with responsibility phoning,” the description of this statute on the site of sculptor Susan Bahary reads. “They vow to encourage each other, doing the very best they can to achieve their mission and remain safe.”

The monument, commissioned by the U.S. War Dogs Association, was introduced on Saturday and is available for public screening beginning Sunday within an open house event.

“The Pledge honors the dedication of our courageous servicewomen in all of the tasks they perform,” Bahary wrote.

Tickets to look at the palaces are all free, however, space is restricted as a result of COVID-19.