New Orleans Saints along with Pelicans Proprietor Gayle Benson victim of attempted Auto theft

“I will confirm that an incident did happen in Orleans Parish between Mrs. Benson while she was in her automobile,” Bensel said in a statement. “While she was shaken at the moment, she was unharmed and is doing good. She wished to deliver her sincere gratitude to the women and men of the New Orleans Police Department that reacted so quickly and professionally. We can’t comment further since it is an active investigation.”

The New Orleans Police Department couldn’t identify Benson by title. And Bensel affirmed that was the episode in question.

As stated by the NOPD, the victim was seated in the car when a truck, called a white Nissan Titan, parked straight together with her motor vehicle. Among those issues exited the Nissan Titan and entered the victim’s automobile. The sufferer ordered the topic to leave her automobile. The subject matter the victim’s automobile reentered the Nissan Titan and fled the scene.