New Station Features fare for Girls in the LGBTQ community

LOS ANGELES — An online station dedicated to women in the LGBTQ community is starting with shows such as pandemic-set romantic humor along with a paranormal play.

The station debuts Thursday included in Revry, an electronic platform that provides complimentary, queer-focused programming, such as the 24/7 Revry News station.

“I am overjoyed to supply a free, breathing, and living room for queer female tales to be observed throughout the entire world,” Revry co-founder LaShawn McGhee stated in a statement.

The station’s name is OML on Revry, representing its origins in a partnership known as One More Lesbian if it was set in 2009 to provide movie cuisine representing lesbian lives.

Currently called OML, it has become”a tentpole new for its homosexual and queer female communities,” McGhee said.

OML has enlarged its female-driven content and outreach to a larger audience, a target which will be improved by its venture with Revry, OML founder Shirin Etessam stated in a statement.