Nigerian forces Murdered 12 Calm protesters, Amnesty says

The #EndSARS protests started amid forecasts for Nigeria’s authorities to shut the police Particular Anti-Robbery Squad, called SARS, however, has come to be a much wider need for improved government in Nigeria.

Regardless of the rising violence, the Nigerian protesters defied a curfew and confronted with security forces Wednesday as gunfire rang out and fires burnt in Lagos, a day later shots were fired into a crowd of demonstrators singing the nation’s national anthem.

The security forces opened fire on the protesters Tuesday night in the Lekki toll plaza,” Amnesty said in its report, citing eyewitnesses, video footage and hospital accounts.

Soldiers had one aim – to kill with no consequences,” explained Osai Ojigho, state manager of Amnesty International Nigeria.

Amnesty said it’s received reports that shortly before the shootings, CCTV security cameras in the Lekki toll gates, in which protesters were camped for a couple of weeks, were eliminated by police officers, and power was cut to stop signs emerging of their violence.

Some of those injured and killed in the toll plaza and at Alausa, yet another Lagos area, were removed by the army, Amnesty alleged in the report.

“These shootings amount to extrajudicial executions. There has to be a direct analysis and suspected perpetrators have to be held accountable via fair trials,” explained Ojigho.

Amnesty’s report backs up articles and graphics on social websites that have revealed widespread violence against protesters.

Amid international outrage, Nigeria’s army denied responsibility for its Lekki shootings, submitting a tweet that branded several reports as fake news.

More gunfire rang out over Lagos on Wednesday and to the night, such as in the Lekki toll plaza, where youthful demonstrators rallied again even though an arrangement for everybody to stay away from the roads. In the noise of these shots, a few protesters were spotted on a live broadcast by The Associated Press working off, although it was not clear if the audience was fired upon.

Authorities also fired tear gas at groups of demonstrators and smoke was seen billowing from many regions in the town’s center. Two private TV channels were forced off the air at least briefly if their offices were burnt by unknown attackers.

“Individuals are aggrieved within the deaths. They’re aggrieved by police violence and they’re heading out to the streets to demonstrate their anger,” said Lagos resident Michael Oladapo Abiodun, who stated he’s encouraged protesters on social networking.

In reaction to this #EndSARS motion, the government announced it would disband the device, in which Amnesty International states were responsible for several instances of torture and killings.

That’s failed to meet demonstrators, who demand more prevalent reforms to end human rights abuses perpetrated by security forces and pervasive government corruption.

Nigeria has enormous oil riches and is among Africa’s biggest economies, but a lot of its over 200 million people face high poverty rates and lack essential services — due to rampant graft, according to rights groups.

The protests attracted increased global attention after movies were posted on societal websites where gunfire was heard echoing over protesters as they sang the national anthem in the Lekki toll plaza at the shadow Tuesday night.

It is not clear from the movies who had been shooting, but a lot of them agree with all the Amnesty report which Nigeria’s army accounts for. U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet stated”there is not much doubt that this is an instance of excessive use of power, leading to unlawful killings with live ammunition, by Nigerian armed forces”

Lagos governor Obajide Sanwo-Olu has ordered an investigation of the army’s activities at Lekki plaza. He stated that 25 people were wounded and one man had died from blunt injury to the head.

President Muhammadu Buhari — that has said little about the protests engulfing his nation — didn’t mention that the Lekki shootings at a statement Wednesday but issued a call for calm and pledged police reforms.

Buhari’s announcement said the dissolution of the SARS device” is the very first step in some reform policies which will produce a police system answerable to the Nigerian men and women.”

He explained, “police brutality should stop, and people responsible for acts of this remarkable violence are made answerable.”

Guterres said he talked with Buhari a few days ago and thinks he”will probably have the ability to bring matters into a usual method to honor the rights of the meeting of individuals, and to ensure those that misbehaved are held liable.”

Nigeria’s violence has also attracted denunciations by foreign dignitaries and stars which range from U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden to BeyoncĂ©.