Norway’s aging king to Experience heart valve operation

“This intervention is vital to enhance the king’s breathing. This kind of surgery is performed a few hundred times per year in Rikshospitalet,” that the monarch’s physician, Bjoern Bendz, stated in a palace announcement.

The king has been hospitalized with breathing problems.

The royal family in Oslo said the monarch is on sick leave until further notice and his son and heir to the throne, Crown Prince Haakon, has stepped in and taken over his father’s responsibilities.

The team said that the surgery won’t be open-heart operation. The king will probably be alert, and the surgery will be carried out through the groin with anesthesia. It’s scheduled for Friday in the hospital’s Cardiovascular and Lung Clinic.

In 2005, the king aortic valve has been replaced by an artificial heart valve. Such valves have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 decades, the royal family said, adding it was”not unusual” for these interventions to need to be replicated.

Harald ascended the throne on the death of the father, King Olav, on Jan. 17, 1991.

The nation’s very first native-born king because of the 14th century, he also wed a commoner for a prince and won hearts within his egalitarian nation by directing the mourning in 2011 for the victims of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.