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Nuova Patch Fortnite Oggi Reviews – Fortnite Patch Notes Today Update Read Now

Nuova Patch Fortnite Oggi Reviews – Fortnite Patch Notes Today Update Read Now

What’s This STINK!?

Create a clean sweep using the newest Smelly Vial in Battle Royale or have pleasure demolishing objects together with the newest Builder in rescuing the World.

This novelty isn’t to be smelled, one is sufficient to be in dire need of fresh air!

Nuova Patch Fortnite Oggi Constructor ruin in this fresh 8-Bit Demo. Get it at the Event Shop and be noticed!


Of overall bugs

Several problems with Discord integration have been mended and data exhibited in Battle Royale or Save the World matches has already been enhanced.

Would you wish to stay informed about the problems most felt from the community? Trello board Community Issues here.


Storm Circles give players additional room to search for competitions! The last ring activates a countdown; once time runs out, the group with the most alive gamers wins! Inside this MAT, teams may combine for Victory Royale!

Specifics of this manner

Closing Combat is like the Normal Battle Royale manner, but instead of Storm Circles obstructing the way, the Storm finishes following the third ring.
Once the circles stop decreasing, the last countdown starts.
Surviving teams will struggle until the countdown runs out.
In the event of a tie, both teams (or even more ) who have attracted win the match.
Circle 1
The time that it takes for the Storm to start to narrow the area goes from 240 minutes to 180.
The time before the Storm shuts completely extends from 60 minutes to 90.
The dimensions of this ring go from 120,000 units to 100,000.
Circle two
The dimensions of this ring go from 80,000 to 65,000.

Smelly Vial was added.
Produce a stinking cloud that deals 5 damage every half moment within the cloud.
Duration: 9 minutes.
Can Be Located at Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines
Loot in heaps of 3, the highest pile is 5.
Improved the reload period of the Rocket Launcher according to rarity.
Unusual from 2.3 to 2.8 minutes.
Epic from 2.185 minutes to 2.66.
The most quantity of rocket ammo that may be piled has come to be 12.

Bug fixes

Structures built by opponents are no more emphasized by the thermal extent.
Cosy Bonfires are highlighted by the thermal sight

Decorative Back no more seems detached from the participant from an area.

Fixed performance problems on Switch associated with regularly remembering time acts during gameplay (especially when parachuting).
Level streaming optimization to create some jams more fluid through the parachute descent).

Music was added again to the brand new emote.
Fixed the audio attenuation when launching Supply Drops so it does not seem like it is quite near gamers when opened from a space.
The Sticky Grenade explosion sound now plays right if it explodes along with the participant on iOS / Shift platforms.

Additional”Network Debug Statistics” choice from the Xbox UI HUD.

Bug fixes

Fixed a crash that could happen after buying items in the Item Shop.
When sporting trendy attire, the most recent saved version will constantly show up in the locker preview.

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