Oman reinstates ambassador to Syria Later years-long hiatus

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Oman has sent an ambassador to Syria following an eight-year hiatus, the state news agency reported, the most recent sign of deepening involvement between Gulf Arab nations and Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

The movement on Sunday made Oman the first Gulf Arab state to resurrect its ambassador to Syria because of the eruption of the nation’s ruinous civil war. Additional Arab states shuttered their embassies however Oman, famous for its neutrality and diplomacy involving regional foes, maintained its availability during the years of battle.

Throughout the ambassador’s reception in Damascus, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem voiced”pride in Omani foreign policy” and admiration for”the close fraternal relations between the nations,” based on Oman’s state news agency.

Oman’s new ambassador, Turki bin Mahmood al-Busaidy, stated that he looks forward to”enlarging the paths of collaboration and shared interests between the two brotherly countries,” the announcement added.

Syria was expelled in the 22-member Arab League in 2011, and Arab nations have sanctioned Damascus and condemned its use of military power against the resistance. Yet with all the war winding down and the Allied military recapturing the majority of the land once dropped to the resistance, some Arab states that had formerly boycotted Assad and endorsed his resistance are now pursuing a silent rapprochement with his administration. The Syrian opposition, that currently only controls a overpopulated stretch of land in northwestern Syria, is largely supported by Turkey, a rival of the United Arab Emirates and other Arab nations due to its embrace of regional Islamists.

The UAE reopened its embassy in Damascus at 2018 however, the embassy representation stays at the amount of chargĂ© d’affaires, although the reopening is known as a gateway into closer ties.