Overview: Blake & Carlberg conduct jazz keyboard Dialog

Here is one for pianos fans: About”Gray Moon,” Ran Blake and Frank Carlberg encircle the ol’ 176, running a persuasive keyboard dialog in the language of jazz, as widely described.

With 2 pianos and no accompaniment, Blake and Carlberg investigate a vast array of compositions, from Ellington-Strayhorn criteria to vague Hollywood movie fare and dissonant songs from Greece and Catalonia. The effect sounds like a combination of Otis Spann, Charles Ives, James Booker, George Gershwin, and Thelonious Monk, times 2. Ferrante and Teicher it ai not.

The 16 songs were recorded in one day in Boston’s Jordan Hall, producing the vibe of a Sunday recital, along with how Blake (at the ideal station ) and Carlberg (left channel) complement each other is intriguing. They could fold, but the tempos tend toward slow, and also the quantity is frequently pianissimo, no pun intended.

There are minutes of minimalism, such as events when Blake and Carlberg are playing just 1 note at a time. Despite two pianos, quiet is a significant element in their attractive sound.