Overview: Katie Melua Reaches Panoramic beauty on new Record

Katie Melua sings like she is sharing a secret, and that’s exactly what makes her music enticing.

Produced in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Melua resides in the United Kingdom and is far significantly more popular there than in the USA.

Her affecting, arresting alto stamps the collection’s 10 original tunes with a panoramic beauty that is instantly ear-catching. When Melua starts by singing”I’m shot in,” she is describing her viewers.

The Philharmonic Orchestra supplies support, with beautiful arrangements by manufacturer Leo Abrahams. As strings swirl and blossom, Melua is additionally accompanied by piano, guitar, organ, saxophone, drums, and bass in a variety of combinations that never spoil the romantic mood.

There is a dreamy longing to Melua’s songs about faded love, illusion, and reality, the tug of blossoms and edelweiss. The compelling play”English Manner” swings such as background music in a cocktail party, and”Voices from the Night” flirts with a dance beat, but the tempos are not fast. The manner Melua sings, there is no reason to hurry.