Overview: Laura Cortese Combines synthesizers and Series music

Processed and natural ingredients usually do not blend well in sandwiches or tunes, but there is a likable lilt into the digital-analog mix which is”Bitter Better.” All these 11 indie-folk mashups out of Laura Cortese and also the Dance Cards are a seamless mix of synthesizers and series music.

Billowing wordless background vocals highlight this isn’t machine audio, even if the studio is the principal instrument.

Making it work is a group effort, beginning with the crack series outfit the Dance Cards. Producer Sam Kassirer also plays, also while Cortese receives a writing credit on each tune, she frequently has writing collaborators.

That contains six on”Treat You Better,” a once-upon-a-love tune looking for a dancing floor. “Younger Man” is a military chaplain’s narrative flanked with a beautiful fiddle solo, although the bluesy”Typhoon” assesses the wake of a relationship.

“Where the Fox Hides” unites tutti strings, a pulsing synthesizer along with a pulling melody. It is a timely song about love in isolation and, like the rest of”Bitter Better,” the type of music which attracts a crowd.